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Central Ohio Impaired Driving Program

OHIO has a mandatory sentencing for those persons convicted of OVI/DUI! If you are convicted of a 1st offense OVI/DUI, there is a minimum mandatory jail sentence of 3 days; however, the Court can allow you to participate in a 72 hour (3 Day) Driver Intervention Program (also called Alcohol Intervention Program), in lieu so long as it is served at a State approved program.  These 3 day Ohio Drive Intervention Programs (DIP's) are often held at hotels and provide a welcome  alternative to spending 3 days in the county jail. 
  • Helps clients understand the dangers and the seriousness of drinking and driving.
  • Promotes safety through education.
  • Provides a staff evaluation and recommendation for follow up, if necessary.

We Are Here to Hep You!

What is the Driver Intervention Program (DIP)?

"We offer a positive experience for impaired driving offenders!"

Central Ohio Impaired Driving Program specializes in providing cost effective education to support OVI/DUI offenders who are eligible for the Driver Intervention Program (DIP).

It is our purpose to care for the individual with kindness, empathy, dignity and respect at all levels in the continuum of care,  in order to maximize the individual’s ability to achieve successful lifelong recovery.   Go to our SERVICES   page for more details!

What is Included in Our Program?

  • Lodging at a local hotel.
  • Catered meals provided Friday through Sunday.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • All necessary documents will be sent to your attorney, court system and/or probation within 24 hours of your completion.
  • Valuable information and education regarding the serious  nature of drinking and driving.
  • Various subject matter expert speakers (Atty. Jeff Linn, II will speak on Fridays.)